Aurelio Voltaire Books now available at!!! - Fifty Shades of Greys and The Legend of Candy Claws!



At long last, you can now buy these two books any time you chose from! Voltaire himself has inspected the quality of their printing and has been selling these very same books from this print on demand service at his live shows!


 Extraterrestrials come to our world, they read a certain book and become inspired ( or is that confused? You decide!) They arrive at the conclusion that the best way to understand human culture is to try all fifty shenanigans themselves! The result is a hilariously perverted journey through sci-fi kink! For mature readers- Definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!!

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A giant black bat takes candy from bullies on Halloween and delivers it to good little boys and girls on Christmas in this anti-bullying tale for children of all ages.

"Spooky, witty, bursting with heart!" - Caroline Thompson- screenwriter- The Nightmare Before Christmas

"If Dr. Seuss and Dickens met Poe in a playground, the resulting collaboration might read like The Legend of Candy Claws, a sweet, creepy morality tale for kids, beautifully illustrated, endlessly charming and armed with an important, socially relevant message." - Fangoria Magazine


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