Aurelio Voltaire- Russian Invasion 2014 CD - VERY VERY LIMITED EDITION!


During the Russian tour of June, 2014, Voltaire had a compilation CD manufactured in Russia to sell at the shows (since it's apparently nearly impossible to affordably ship merch to Russia!). The CD contains 13 of Voltaire's best songs spanning most of his musical career. However, in true Russian bootleg fashion, the plant in Russia neglected to separate the songs into thirteen tracks resulting in a CD with only ONE LONG TRACK that contains all thirteen songs! Voltaire told his fans in Russia, "This is NOT a mistake. It is apparently the wisdom of the Russian CD factory managers that one does not pick and choose which of my songs they want to hear. They don't SKIP over any particular songs because they are ALL GOOD! The Russian factory manager believes that you should put in the CD, sit down and enjoy the full experience and I agree. Russian factory managers are wise!"

Only a few hundred of these CDs were ever made and Voltaire came home with only ten of them. And now, ten lucky collectors can add this disc to their collection. Truly a rare, Voltaire item, perfect for the true completionist

Track List:

1) When You're Evil

2) Ex Lover's Lover,

3) The Headless Waltz

4) Brains!

5) Vampire Club

6) Day of the Dead

7) Goodnight Demonslayer

8) To the Bottom of the Sea

9) The Straightrazor Cabaret

10) The Mechanical Girl

11) Raised by Bats

12) Oh My Goth!

13) Captain's All. 

Each CD comes signed AND comes with three free download stickers for the following albums:

Riding a Black Unicorn, BiTrektual and Spooky Songs for Creepy Kids!

Yes, it comes with three color stickers with codes to download three full digital albums !

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