BiTektual T-Shirts - Comes with a FREE digital download sticker of the whole album!



You love Star Trek and Star Wars equally and damn it you're proud of that! And now, you can proclaim your Bitrektuality to the whole world by wearing it on your chest! These excellently made shirts by Offworld Designs (makers of other Voltaire T-shirts) feature the logo from Voltaire's "BiTrektual" album as well as the all inclusive slogan "Live Long and May the Force Be With You". Quick, pick one up now before they run out (supplies are VERY limited) and er... before George Lucas sues us!

Shirts are standard American T-shirt sizes printed on high quality Fruit of the Loom shirts. However we think they run a teensy bit small so it's recommended you order one size up from what you normally wear.  Comes with a BiTrektual sticker AND A FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD STICKER TO DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE FRICKEN' BITREKTUAL CD!!!!  It's highly illogical!!! So, get yours now before we come to our senses!

Come with this FULL COLOR, 5x5 inch sticker which includes a code to download the FULL BiTrektual album!

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