Call of the Jersey Devil/Raised by Bats SPECIAL! - SOLD OUT!!!!

Sorry, Sold out. 

At last you can buy a copy of Voltaire's horror/comedy novel, Call of the Jersey Devil direct from! But to make it ever better, each book comes signed by the author AND with a full color, Raised by Bats sticker that features the amazing cover art on the front AND a digital code on the back to download the FULL ALBUM from!


In this spooky tale, a washed up Goth singer named, Villy Bats gets stranded in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey with five gothic mall rats and quickly learns that the Jersey Devil, hellspawn of Jersey folklore is REAL and that New Jersey is the gateway to Hell itself (as you probably already suspected). Villy's band is called Raised by Bats and the album of the same name by Voltaire is the album Villy speaks of and references throughout the novel. Now you can read the book while listening to the same songs referenced in the pages within!!

The signed book and Raised by Bats download sticker are also accompanied by a handful of classic Voltaire stickers!

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