DEADY: BIG IN JAPAN 5" MINI-QEE BY TOY2R - Comes with a code to unlock a digital Deady pet at!

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 The Deady "Big in Japan" Mini-Qee is out and it includes a very special treat. Like it's predecessor, the AdventurQuest Deady 8" Qee by Toy2R, this figure comes with a code to unlock a digital Deady pet in the online game, AdventureQuest Worlds! To be specific, the code, unlocks a "samurai Deady" pet complete with Japanese bandana and katana.  

The Samurai Deady Digital Pet from AQ Worlds


The Deady: Big in Japan 5" mini-Qee comes in three versions. One with a grimacing mouth ("Karate Kiai" version), one with a smirk (Samurai Smirk) and one sticking out his tongue (Ronin Raspberry).  A combined total of 1,000 of these toys were made and will never be made again, making it another must-have, limited edition Deady vinyl toy!