The Legend of Candy Claws Original Sketches by Voltaire!


Voltaire's children's book, The Legend of Candy Claws contains over thirty gorgeous illustrations by the talented Shamine King. In order to communicate what he wanted on each page, Voltaire did a sketch for each and every one of the pages. And those original illustrations are now available for you to own! Voltaire is not known to sell original drawings of any sort, so now's your chance to own a piece of history and secure one of these original sketches from this marvelous book.

Each sketch is $125 or $1,000 for any ten of them. Here's how to order:

1) Go to and find the illustration or illustrations you want.

2) Make sure they are not already listed as SOLD.

3) click the BUY NOW button to make your purchase.

4) Be sure to include the name/number of the illustration in the NOTE TO SELLER section!

*If a payment is made for an illustration that is already SOLD, you will have an opportunity to select a different image or be fully refunded.

Email Voltaire at to find out how to purchase the remaining 5 sketches at a discount.