As has become painfully obvious, I get very busy and never get around to answering many of the questions posted here. The reason why is mostly related to the fact that I'm VERY verbose and it's hard to type all of those words quickly. Hence, the blogs go unanswered. 

HOWEVER, that's all going to change, because starting next week, I will answer these questions ON VIDEO on my YOUTUBE PAGE!

I will embed the videos here... so starting asking questions because if all goes well, they will be answered far more…

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"When will you play in (Insert Latin American City)?" 

I find it absolutely wonderful that so many people ask me,

"WHEN WILL YOU PLAY IN (insert name of a Latin American city here)?"

To date, I've only played in Mexico city. And let me tell you, I LOVE my shows there! Being Cuban I will not be shy when I tell you that Latinos know how to ROCK!!! and we know how to have fun! When I play in Mexico, I do most of my show in Spanish and I have an incredible time.  I would LOVE to play in other Latin American countries but I do lack the connections.  It's…

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"Can we have a picture of you as a child?" 

PizzaDeliveryGuy asks: "Can we have a picture of you as a child?"


YES! In fact, there are several rather disturbing pictures of me in a folder called "My life in Pictures" that I posted on Facebook a while back.  The shots of me as a teenager in the 80s might make your eyes bleed or cause you to laugh yourself to death.

I should probably move those pictures to here on but in the meantime, you can see them on my Facebook page:

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"Who is your favorite author?" "Favorite books?" 

Thanks for your question Herb, I get this one quite a bit. 

"Who is your favorite author?" "What are your favorite books?"

Avid readers such as yourself will be horrified by the answer!

I have read three books in my entire life!

I do not read books. I've simply never enjoyed reading. (Though I love writing! More on that later) I never read books growing up and made it all of the way through school without ever having read a single assigned book. How you ask? Because I'm a good listener. School (at least…

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Was there a second vocal track on Ex Lover's Lover 

A fellow named Erik writes:

"Alright, this has bugged me since i first heard the song Ex lovers lover. Starting with the first chorus there seems to be a second voice with yours. Its kind of a deeper whisper in the background and is in all the choruses except the last. Was this a second vocal track? Just an echo? A second singer? Just a cool effect u felt like adding during editing? Did the devil himself sit in on that recording and felt like helping out?"

The answer is YES, there is a second vocal track…

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"When will you play in (insert European city)?" 

I find it extremely gratifying that so many people ask me,

"WHEN WILL YOU PLAY IN (insert name of a European city here)?"

...because frankly, it simply means that there are people in Europe that like my music and that is a wonderful thing.  I have never toured Europe for the simple reason that I really don't have many connections there.  I don't have a label there nor a booking agent either.  I've played a few shows in the UK and once in Oslo, Norway. But sadly that is all so far.

This needs to change!…

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"When will you play in (insert US city)?" 

There is no question I get more often than,

"WHEN WILL YOU PLAY IN (insert name of a US city here)?"

The answer is simple. All of my live show dates are listed right here on in the calendar. Please look there first to see if your city is listed.  

I try to perform in every major US city about once a year. Some cities I play in two or three times a year, namely New York, Los Angeles and Seattle.  So, if you don't see a listing for the city in question, then I will likely play there at some…

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"Will you help me get my girlfriend back?" 

You would be just absolutely amazed at how many emails I get asking the question,


It's truly shocking, it is.  They usually go to the tune of "My girlfriend left me.  She is a big fan of yours. I've tried everything to get her back and nothing's worked.  I just know that if you were to email her and tell her that I love her, that she would listen to you."

I even had a guy once tell me that he was a heroin junkie and that he didn't blame his girlfriend for…

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Aurelio Voltaire in Richmond, VA at Fallout

Fallout, 117 N 18th St , Richmond

Date of show: 10/3/20. Rescheduled from 6/13/20 venue: Fallout address of venue: 117 N 18th St Richmond, VA 23223
ticket price: $10 Adv/ $15 Doors age policy: 18+ time doors open: 9pm Aurelio Voltaire showtime: TBD Other bands/acts if any: TBD website for more info: facebook event page: TBA Advanced ticket sales:

Aurelio Voltaire in Denver, CO at Three Kings Tavern

Herman's Hideaway , 1578 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210

Date of show: Saturday, October 10th (Rescheduled from Saturday, June 6th)

venue: New venue is Herman's Hideaway in Denver. All 3 Kings tavern purchases will be honored for the new venue.

address of venue:
1578 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210

ticket price: $15 advance/ $20 at the door

age policy:

time doors open: 7 PM

Aurelio Voltaire showtime:

Other bands/acts: The Siren Project / DJ Katastrophy

website for more info:

facebook event page:

Advanced ticket sales:


Aurelio Voltaire in Sacramento CA at Sinister Creature Con! POSTONED TO A LATER DATE TBA

Aurelio Voltaire in Sacramento CA at Sinister Creature Con!

(Rescheduled from June 20th)

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