Chi-Chian: The Black Seed-

episode 4

"Chi-chian: The Black Seed" is a 14-episode animated web series Voltaire wrote and directed for the Sci Fi Channel's website in 2000. And now, you can see it right here!  You can click through the loader text for background information on the Chi-chian characters and universe, but to see the movie please click on the big red worm in the lower right hand corner that says BEGIN STORY.  

After the episode, feel free to PLAY AGAIN or read the CREDITS at the end of the film, but the BULLETIN BOARD link is no longer connected to anything.

A subsequent episode will be uploaded every Tuesday night at 8pm EST. Enjoy!


Chi-chian episode 4

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Fallout, 117 N 18th St , Richmond

Date of show: 10/3/20. Rescheduled from 6/13/20 venue: Fallout address of venue: 117 N 18th St Richmond, VA 23223
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Aurelio Voltaire in Sacramento CA at Sinister Creature Con!

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