A hilariously kinky coffee table book that will make you shoot Klingon raktajino out of your nose!

Extraterrestrials came to our world! They read a book called FIFTY SHADES OF GREY and became inspired ( or is that confused? You decide)! They came to the conclusion that the best way to understand the human race was to try all fifty shady shenanigans themselves! The result is a book filled with hilariously sexy, sci-fi kink! No fetish, perversion or paraphilia is spared as these Greys try out flogging, pegging, scatology, necrophilia, threesomes, orgies, water sports and just about every other subversive sexual act you can think of! And just to sweeten the pot, each hysterical image features a caption that parodies a slogan or catchphrase from one of your favorite sci-fi shows!


Please contribute to the IndieGogo campaign to make this wonderfully twisted book a reality!

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