Gothic Christmas Stockings are HERE!

Introducing Gothic Christmas Stockings

From the Lair of Voltaire

That creepy doll, black lipstick or Bauhaus CD you’re getting this Cryptmastime would look silly in a regular old Santa stocking. That’s why Aurelio Voltaire has designed a Gothic Christmas Stocking aesthetically worthy of the dark delights you’re giving or receiving this spooky season. Each huge stocking measures an astounding 2 feet from top to toe and is made of a lush, black velvety material on the outside and satiny black lining within. Modeled after a Victorian era boot, each is adorned with black lace trim, rivets laced with a velvet bow and embroidered with Voltaire’s bat-shaped V in metallic thread. The center of each stocking is printed with Aurelio Voltaire’s Bats and Beasts print on velvety material.

Stockings come in Bloodbath Red, Darkside Royal Purple and Haunted Mansion Gray

$33 each/ get one today at the link below!

The Black Labyrinth Scented Candle line

By the Lair of Voltaire

Enter the word of the Black Labyrinth with four scented candles created by Aurelio Voltaire! Inspired by his upcoming musical epic, The Black Labyrinth, each candle represents a character, creature or corner of this magical land. Whether it's swaggering regal pirates, smoldering Shadows, enchanted white unicorns or the Goblin King himself, there's a scent here for everyone! 

Purchase a Forest of Shadows resin base for the perfect place to display your Black Labyrinth candle (or any candle 3 inches in diameter or less)

Click below to be transported to the fragrant land of the Black Labyrinth Scented Candle line!

Introducing the Globlin Hand-Sanitizer Dispenser by The Lair of Voltaire

Introducing the Globlin Hand-Sanitizer Dispenser by The Lair of Voltaire!

Direct from The Lair of Voltaire comes our first hand-sanitizer dispenser, The Globlin! 

This adorable creature is made of sturdy black silicone and is designed to hold and dispense globs of germ-killing hand-sanitizer. This mischievous imp has an impressive wingspan of 4 inches and a height of 4.5 inches! It comes with a high quality black chain with clip so that it can hang from your backpack, purse, spaceship or hearse and go everywhere you go keeping your talons germ-free! A gentle tap on the forehead, causes its eyes to light up so brightly that it's nearly impossible to photograph! Perfect for lighting your way while trick-or-treating, on midnight hikes through cemeteries or finding your way through haunted houses. 

(Hand-Sanitizer not included! While we perfect our line of germ-killing elixirs feel free to use the amazing scents from Bath And Body Works which fit perfectly into this little devil!)

They are $20 each. Click the button below to buy yours today!



Candy Claws Plush toy (Midnight Flight Edition)


At long last, after years of being sold out, there's a new Candy Claws plush toy coming in time for Christmas! This version, the Midnight Flights edition is closer to Aurelio Voltaire's vision of the iconic character and is waiting to be snuggled by you!

Pre-orders are now open! To pre-order yours today click HERE!

You can also get The Legend of Candy Claws book anytime by clicking HERE!



Voltaire Official US webstore now open!!!!

The nice folks at Isotank/Industry8 are now running the Voltaire webstore! You can now purchase many of the items that were available here at the link below. And now, CDs are available and many of them come signed!


Aurelio Voltaire Books now available at!!!

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At long last, you can now buy these two books any time you chose from! Voltaire himself has inspected the quality of their printing and has been selling these very same books from this print on demand service at his live shows!



A giant black bat takes candy from bullies on Halloween and delivers it to good little boys and girls on Christmas in this anti-bullying tale for children of all ages. 

"Spooky, witty, bursting with heart!" - Caroline Thompson- screenwriter- The Nightmare Before Christmas

"If Dr. Seuss and Dickens met Poe in a playground, the resulting collaboration might read like The Legend of Candy Claws, a sweet, creepy morality tale for kids, beautifully illustrated, endlessly charming and armed with an important, socially relevant message." - Fangoria Magazine


Get THE LEGEND OF CANDY CLAWS at the link below:




Aurelio Voltaire Items on!


If you prefer to shop from, we've now created a page for you where many Aurelio Voltaire items can be found. Simply click HERE to shop for Aurelio Voltaire on!

The URL for the page is:


Aurelio Voltaire in Shawnee, OK at The Ritz!

The Ritz Shawnee, 10 W Main street, Shawnee

Date of show: March 12 Venue: The Ritz Shawnee Address of venue: 10 W Main Ticket price: $20, $25, & $30 Age policy: All Ages Time doors open: 7pm Aurelio Voltaire showtime: 9pm Other bands/acts if any: TBA Website for more info: Facebook event page: Advanced ticket sales:

$20, $25, & $30

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