RAISED BY BATS- the 11th studio album from Aurelio Voltaire
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RAISED BY BATS- the 11th studio album from Aurelio Voltaire

Now available digitally at CDbaby.com!

Now available digitally at itunes:


Big bat-winged thanks to everyone who contributed to the IndieGoGo campaign for this album and for making it such an enormous success! You can see the results of the IndieGoGo campaign by clicking HERE


 Cover art by Michael Komark

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After 10 full-length studio albums and two decades of being called a "Gothic" musician, Aurelio Voltaire finally makes a Gothic album! 

"In truth, it's a tour of all of the kinds of music I loved growing up. There are songs on this album that are Gothrock, Deathrock, New Wave, New Romantic, Darkwave and Dark folk. It's the album I've always wanted to make. Some of the songs were written as far back as 1984 when I was 17 years-old!" Aurelio Voltaire

Voltaire is joined by some incredible talent on Raised by Bats including:


Brian Viglione on Drums 

      from The Dresden Dolls/The Violent Femmes

Ray Toro on Guitars 

      from My Chemical Romance

Knox Chandler on Guitars  

      from Siouxsie and the Banshees/Depeche Mode

Craig Adams on Bass

      from The Mission UK/Sisters of Mercy/The Alarm

Melora Creager on Cello 

      from Rasputina

Frank Morin on Guitars 

      from World Inferno Friendship Society

Emilio Zef China on Bass and violin

      from Peter Murphy's band 

Chris Ianuzzi on keyboards 

      from I, Synthesist and

Armen Ra on theremin.

Guest vocals by:

Julia Marcell

Chibi of the Birthday Massacre

The Cruxshadows

Bella Morte

Ego Likeness

Zombina and the Skeletones and







1) Raised by Bats

2) Oh My Goth!

3) The Night (written in 1989)

4) The Masquerade (written in 1984)

5) The Devil and Mr. Jones

6) Sacrifice

7) The Conqueror Worm (written in 1993)

8) Wake Up (written in 1989)

9) Never (written in 1993)

10) Captains All



Aurelio Voltaire in Richmond, VA at Fallout

Fallout, 117 N 18th St , Richmond

Date of show: 10/3/20. Rescheduled from 6/13/20 venue: Fallout address of venue: 117 N 18th St Richmond, VA 23223
ticket price: $10 Adv/ $15 Doors age policy: 18+ time doors open: 9pm Aurelio Voltaire showtime: TBD Other bands/acts if any: TBD website for more info: www.falloutrva.com facebook event page: TBA Advanced ticket sales: www.falloutrva.com

Aurelio Voltaire in Denver, CO at Three Kings Tavern

Herman's Hideaway , 1578 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210

Date of show: Saturday, October 10th (Rescheduled from Saturday, June 6th)

venue: New venue is Herman's Hideaway in Denver. All 3 Kings tavern purchases will be honored for the new venue.

address of venue:
1578 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210

ticket price: $15 advance/ $20 at the door

age policy:

time doors open: 7 PM

Aurelio Voltaire showtime:

Other bands/acts: The Siren Project / DJ Katastrophy

website for more info: www.ritualnoize.com

facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/216881866127870/

Advanced ticket sales: https://ritualnoize.com/events/28159/orders/new


Aurelio Voltaire in Sacramento CA at Sinister Creature Con! POSTONED TO A LATER DATE TBA

Aurelio Voltaire in Sacramento CA at Sinister Creature Con!

(Rescheduled from June 20th)

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