Q: How can I send some fan mail?

A: Please use the contact button. While Aurelio Voltaire makes every effort to read every bit of mail, due to the overwhelming number of messages, a reply may not be possible.


Q: Can Voltaire film a video shout out to my friend?

A: Due to the overwhelming number of requests of this nature, Voltaire exclusively makes these kinds of videos through the website Cameo. Use this link to commission a very special video message  from Aurelio Voltaire to you or a friend: AURELIO VOLTAIRE on CAMEO


Q: Is there a physical address to where I can mail Aurelio Voltaire some fan art or other items?

A: If you watch the show, Gothic Homemaking, you can probably imagine that there is no room left at the inn! Unfortunately, at this time it is not possible to mail physical objects of any kind to The Lair of Voltaire. However, Voltaire loves fan art! See below for how to send it.


Q: How can I share my fan art with Voltaire?

A: The best way to share fan art is to post it to your social media and tag Aurelio Voltaire. Alternately, you can use the contact button to send an email to Voltaire but PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE ATTACHMENTS!!! Simply send an email that contains a link to where Voltaire can appreciate your fan art online.


Q: Can I get permission to use Voltaire's art/lyrics in a tattoo, painting, fan art, etc?

A: No permission is needed to use Voltaire's art in a tattoo or one of a kind piece of art. But he is flattered!


Q: How do I go about booking Aurelio Voltaire for a live appearance/concert/wedding, etc?

A: Simply send a message using the contact button with the word BOOKING as the subject line. Please include the nature of the event, the date of the event as well as the city, state and country where it's taking place.


Q: I want to interview Voltaire for my podcast/Youtube channel/magazine, etc...

A: Due to the large number of interview requests we ask that your platform have a minimum of 500 listeners/viewers or readers.


Q: Can I use Aurelio Voltaire's music for my Twitch stream, podcast, Youtube video, school assignment, etc?

A: Voltaire grants permission for his music to be used free of charge in all academic/ school related projects. Voltaire also typically grants permission for his music to be used as background music in Twitch streams and the like. For all other inquiries, use the contact button.


Q:  Why did Voltaire have my video flagged on Youtube???

A: He didn't. Voltaire has a very liberal policy on the use of his music however due to Youtube's Content ID system, if the music is recognized on Youtube, Youtube may monetize the video in Voltaire's favor. That is simply part of Youtube's terms of use. Voltaire's Youtube channel is specifically set to NOT issue copyright strikes or take down notices so if that happens to you because you used Voltaire's music, the strike came from a third party like a record label or publisher that might own rights to some of Voltaire's music.


Q: Can I get a signed photo sent to me?

A: Unfortunately, at this time, that is not possible. Please consider instead an item from Voltaire's webstore which includes signed CDs.


Q: I have a problem with my webstore order.  Can Voltaire help me?

A: Voltaire does not work at the webstore. In fact, he's not even in the same state. If there is a problem with your order, please FIRST contact the webstore from the contact button on THEIR site. They are usually really good and quick about solving issues. If they don't reply for some reason, then email Voltaire to see if he can help.


Q: I have an item that I'd like signed by Voltaire. Can I mail it to him?

A: Unfortunately, that is not possible at this time. The best bet is to catch Voltaire in concert where he makes it a point to make himself available for chats, photos and signings.


Q: Is there a meet and greet at an upcoming Voltaire show?

A: Every Aurelio Voltaire show is a meet and greet! Unlike many artists, Voltaire runs his own merch booth specifically so that he can be available to meet and talk with anyone who bought a ticket and came out to enjoy the show.


For all other questions, hit the CONTACT button.