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A giant bat steals candy from bullies on Halloween and delivers it to good little boys and girls on Christmas morning in this anti-bullying tale for children of all ages.

Written by Aurelio Voltaire

Illustrated by Shamine King

"Spooky, witty, bursting with heart!" - Caroline Thompson- screenwriter- The Nightmare Before Christmas 
"If Dr. Seuss and Dickens met Poe in a playground, the resulting collaboration might read like The Legend of Candy Claws, a sweet, creepy morality tale for kids, beautifully illustrated, endlessly charming and armed with an important, socially relevant message." - Fangoria Magazine


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The first two stanzas:


"Long, long ago in a land that I know

almost too far away to believe,

began a great tale, I use to regale

the children on Christmas eve.

It tells of a creature with a curious feature

that sets him apart from the rest;

a great mighty gargoyle,

who was named, Hargoyle

for the heart shaped -patch on his chest."


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